My experience in 2015 by Becky


Hello everyone! How are you all?!?!?!?! Can you believe 2015 it`s almost gone? I really can’t believe it, in fact I’m still shocked. 2015 was an amazing year for me and for our blog 

But first I’m going to talk about 2014, yes I know  “IT’S 2015 BECKY!!!” but for me everything started in 2014. I started to tweet about books that year, yup, before that I already had an account, the one I have right now?  I was and still am a huge fan of Demi Lovato, and so I picked that twitter handle ;D it was kind of funny but I loved it, and I still do; anyways so, I started to read more and I found out that there were lots of twitter accounts about books and I started to follow them like crazy, I wanted to know more about new books,  writers and also I wanted  make new friends too.

I started to read a lot more that year, and my TBR started to grow as well, thank you guys btw ;D  I started to see how all of you tweeted about your favorite posts, talk about the books you all loved the most and how you recommended those books and from that moment I knew ,  I wanted to be a Book Blogger too.



I went to the RT BookLovers Convention in Dallas, my first convention EVER, and I met so many readers and writers!!!! It was an amazing experience, one that I will never be able to forget.

On May, a very special person, HELENA the founder of, DM me, I was shocked, mostly because I always admired her, and thought she was super popular and talented, and I was always afraid of tweeting her, but she asked me if I wanted to be her co-blogger, my answer? Tons of emojis, of course, AND  a few words, but mostly emojis ;D


Then Stacie came up!!!!!!! ahhhhh I was so happy, because I admired her too, I tweeted her before but not a lot, but once Helena introduced us, we haven’t stopped talking since.


Melissa Robles from:

Sarah K from:

Brittany from:

Sashana: @SheFierce1

Lucy: @Lucygirl5x

Kelly from:

Amber Hendricks from:

Mariam from:

Kit Cat from:

Aila from:

Nori from:

Sara from:

Kaitlin from:

and more friends: Jessica, Lisa,Emma, Dilara C, who has a new blog! follow her she amazing, Julia, Chelsea, Amanda, Pilar, Samantha, Maryam, and all of my amazing twitter followers!

You guys all are amazing, every single one of you, I admire and always smile when you tweet me, like for real, you are amazing friends, thank you for always helping me and recommending me books, LOVE YOU ALL <3


AND, AND, AND, to all the amazing writers who inspire me with their stories and tweets.

Lauren Kate, Susan Dennard, Jodi Meadows, Heidi Heilig and Sarah Glenn Marsh.

And writers I started to talk recently: Darcy Woods, Shannon M. Parker and Nicole Castroman <3

You guys are all amazing, you can all ask Helena and Stacie, I’m always fangirling about your books 😀

I admire every single one of, I consider you all role models, even if you guys break my heart hurting my favorite characters ;D Thank you for being amazing and for liking my tweets with emojis ;D

And thank you all for everything, I hope you all have an amazing new year, love you with all my heart <3 


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16 responses to “My experience in 2015 by Becky

  1. This is so sweet <3<3 I want to show you my emoji love right now, but I sadly can't :') Hope you have an amazing new year as well! All the love to you, my friend! 😀 <3

  2. Amber Hendricks

    How stinkin’ sweet are you! I have absolutely enjoyed getting to know you this year Becky! You are a gorgeous soul and the book community is the better for having you! 🙂

  3. BECKY! I am so very fortunate to have met you at RT!! I adore you (and your family!!) so much! Your post made me cry such happy tears. Know that you are something super special and I am very lucky to call you my friend.

    • SARA!!! I´m so happy we met too! You are amazing, and I hope we see each other again in the future<3 thank you for being an amazing friend 😀

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